Spell Writing Services

As spiritual beings, we have the power to manifest anything into our reality, and spells are a wonderful way to channel the energies of the universe to create positive change in our lives! Whether you are looking to bring love into your life, create prosperity and abundance, or protect yourself from negative energies I am more than happy to create a spell for you to help give you your desired result! In the days of many of our ancestors, spells were passed down in families through writing or word of mouth. Nowadays, in the tech-era, some of you reading this page may have been searching google finding links upon links of spells. It’s not always easy to get started!

The one key to performing any ritual or spell work is intention. You have to put your heart into it! You see, unlike in the movies, magic isn’t found in only a select few. We all have a spark inside of us waiting to be ignited. How do you ignite that spark? With your emotions, your passion, and your energy. With that being said, it may be hard to connect with a spell that you just scrolled upon, and that’s natural. With this service, through the information you provide me, I will create a spell that specifically matches not only your goals but your style as well. Every witch, mystic, spirit what-have-you has their own style! When we match that style together, you’ll be able to feel it, and that is what’s important. It isn’t about what I feel or other witches feel. This service is all about you. Allow me to be at your service!

Disclaimer: I do NOT and will NEVER perform, send or manufacture any spell or ritual that may harm another being on this earth. If you have come searching for such things, you are in the WRONG place.

I offer two Spell Packages which can be purchased here.

  1. Standard Spell Package – You will receive your spell via email which will include all steps, incantations, and a list of any supplies necessary to complete your spell.
  2. Premium Spell Package – You will receive your spell via regular mail which will include all steps, incantations, and supplies necessary to complete your spell. Shipping is included in this package; please allow 3-5 business days for your order to ship.

*Each package includes a FREE 30 minute consultation which can be scheduled upon request. This feature is optional. However, you may find that this will give you a more personal touch and put your mind at ease.

In order to begin the process, please complete the questionnaire under the tab Services > Service Forms. I look forward to assisting you on your journey!