God is Always Listening

What started off as the few words to a scripture playing in my head led to an Instagram post. What started off as a caption on my photo led me to the reason why I was writing it.

I had a feeling that there is someone out there that needs to read this: God is always listening; speak & He will come to you. Your cries are not falling on deaf ears. Your rescue is coming. Love, Shhheba

Now, here we are. When I feel something in my gut or I get a message, part of me feels the “Oh maybe it’s nothing” doubt creep in. I think every prophet, psychic, medium what-have-you will tell you this has and still sometimes does happen.
However, when I felt the words coming to me I couldn’t ignore it. Because I remember when it was late at night and I didn’t have any hope.. looking for something out there. I remember feeling like God wasn’t listening. So, for the small chance that there is an individual that will come across this who this is meant for, maybe a few… this is for you.

This is your sign to hold on. I know it has felt impossible as of recent, and that might be the understatement of your year. You feel like no one understands you, like it’s easier to crawl into your shell and hide. Things aren’t working out the way you wanted to.. which is also an understatement. In some areas, you feel like you might have it just right, and yet you can’t seem to figure out why it doesn’t feel better. You want to reach out, but you’re tired and don’t want to fail. Some of these failures and rejections were to protect you and prepare you for what is ahead. 

 Your cries are not falling on deaf ears. God hears you. People like me, your family and friends we see you and we hear you. We are praying for you and cheering you on to win. I know you feel heavy, but trust me when I say your burden will be lifted. Turn your burden over to God. Let the angels carry away the weight and wipe your tears. There is joy ahead that you could not possible fathom. 

There is rest. Peace and quiet.

Love Always,


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