Your Enemy’s Role Model

Some people will be offended by you, your happiness, your success.. down to the car you drive, the status you posted the other day or even the shade of lipstick you wore today. 

Some people will be offended by the idea of you and all this simply because they are not right within themselves.

Their offense is really their denial of desiring what you have. What keeps them coming back, throwing shade, and inserting themselves in your life is a deep desire to gain these qualities, to have the gifts and talents you possess to the letter. Will they ever admit this? Of course not, or at least not yet. 

You’ll grow tiresome and even angry over the drama and discomfort they may cause you. It will start to occupy some space in your mind, and their behavior may puzzle or even alarm you as you continue to shine; the shine they are desiring. 

Keep doing you. Don’t change who you are to keep the boat from rocking. It’s easy to let the darkness roll in when we are tested, but I challenge you to enhance and even magnify your hustle.

Why? You just might be your enemy’s role model. They need you to be who you are. Your essence is shaping their mind into who they need to be. You are teaching those around you with every breath you take. Every reaction, every post, every question you answer and every expression.

Allow yourself to be the teacher. When you give energy and power to their discord, you become their student. When you stand tall in your purpose and fulfill your dreams you are the teacher.

Here is my question to you: what are you teaching them?

Choose wisely & Stay Righteous.



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