The New Years List

Every year we see posts, photos, and more online about making a New Years resolution. We’ve seen many of our friends and family try to quit smoking, become more active at the gym, and start to eat healthier– or at least say they will! *Insert “New Year, New Me” Joke Meme Here*

While I love the idea of making changes in one’s life to better themselves, I don’t hold the belief that you need to wait til the New Year to do so. However, if the New Years resolution is your thing then more power to you; especially considering I know I am not the only one 2016 put through hell and back this year! 

2016: 2 + 0 + 1 + 6 = 9. Nine, if you’ve read my article on the angel number 9, is the lightworker number.

The number nine is the number of agape and universal love and faith. Nine carries the energies of your divine life/soul purpose as well as correlating to service, humanitarianism, intuition, inner strength, lifestyle changes, freedom, self-love, empathy, romance, compassion, mysticism, wisdom and the list goes on!

-Shhheba, Lightworker (9) Nine

The number nine also signifies endings and beginnings. Starting to make sense? 2016 has been the year of awakening; bringing all that has been hidden in the dark into the light and stripping away the old while ushering in the new. If you’ve felt your love life, career, core beliefs etc. being challenged or flipped upside down, trust me when I say it has been pushing you to evolve and achieve your life purpose. Every event in our life serves a purpose if we allow it to. Divine life purpose and agape love sound great (and they are!), but that doesn’t mean it’s always pretty. A lot of times we have to face challenges in order to grow and be put on the right path. Agape love, although unconditional, can mean a bit of tough love from God & the universe!

The lessons we learned this year will be needed for our list to go into 2017. Leave the pain and resentment behind, and take the lessons with you. You don’t need to live in the past to use it to your advantage. Unfortunately, as human beings we tend to fall into the extremes when we need to be striving for balance smack dab in the middle! 

So, what is the New Years List? Where resolutions seem to fizzle out within a couple months, think of this as your “To Do” for 2017; realistic, attainable, and relatively short term goals for the year. 

Split your list into sections. For example, my sections are as follows: Career, Business, Education, Spirituality, Health Material (possessions, vacations etc.), Relationships, and Self. “Self” is a bit like my other column. You don’t need to have too many bullet points under whichever section you have, and you can use as little or as many as you’d like! I would suggest covering your spiritual and physical health as well as relationships– keeps it relatively well rounded.

For daily goals, set reminders on your phone or put sticky notes in areas you’ll see them to keep yourself on task. For goals that are not daily or fluid (i.e. vacations, education, business goals etc.) set dates. For example, one of my Business goals is to post a video to my YouTube channel every Sunday. Additionally, if you plan to take a vacation somewhere make a note to book it by a certain date or.. hell, book it now! If you need to raise the money to go, make a plan for how much you need to set aside every week or month.

The ultimate purpose of this list is to help you achieve everything you desire going into this next year. Additionally, you can wipe the slate clean while still retaining the knowledge you learned over the past year. When writing our lists, we strip everything down to the essentials leaving behind the drama. Plus, we all know how I feel about writing :).

I know I’ve started New Years resolutions and become discouraged or side-tracked by the time February came around which can be disappointing; with the exception of the past couple years. 2014 I enrolled in classes through the entire year, 2015 I began sponsoring a World Vision child which I also did in 2016. With the list, we cast a broader net to cover all necessary areas of our lives.

Shhheba LLC is coming up on its very first year! In that year, in all my articles, I have always emphasized this: you are a soul having a human experience, you are more than this physical plane, and you can have all that you desire: All you have to do is reach for it. My hope for you in 2017 is that you feel true happiness and blessings in your life.



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