The Reveal: The Evolution of Self

If you’re reading this, chances are you’ve been waiting most of the day for the results to this card draw! Below are the three interpretations for whichever card you chose. I find it interesting that this draw collectively is following a theme that has been recurring: the evolution of self. The question is: how are you moving forward? The choice is yours!

Card #1: PEACE

“Peace and quiet.” is always the natural response from my grandfather when asked what he wants as a gift for any occasion. Isn’t that what we all want?  However, the task is up to file_000-23you! The peace that you have been longing for is just out of reach. This card is an “action-card.” In order to gain the peace you are seeking in your life, you need to create it from within. All the worrying and procrastination you’ve been doing lately is robbing you of this peace you are so diligently seeking. Worrying will only make matters worse! Instead, draw your awareness within. When you create calm within your spirit you will be better equipped to handle your surroundings. Notice how the light in this card is illuminating the darkness around it? You’re inner work is going to illuminate the dark parts in your life. In order to change our lives we must first change our thinking. Nip those negative and disturbing thoughts right in the ass! Daily meditation , even if you can only spare a few minutes, is most definitely suggested during this time. Additionally, at the beginning of each day, take a few moments to set your intentions and focus on the positive.


You’ve been on a journey within yourself to find deeper meaning in life. As human beings file_001-1it is natural to search for the greater and vast meanings of the universe. You, however, have been diligently moving forward towards your goal; evolving and reconstructing yourself piece by piece. Spiritually you have progressed leaps and bounds, yet you seem to feel as if you are at a stand-still. Where to go from here? This card signifies you have reached a fork in the road. You cannot progress further on your journey as you have been doing so. If you look at the imagery in this card, there is no clear path in this forest; no physical one at least. Between the trees is the ankh, the symbol for eternal life. On either side of the trees is the sun, symbolizing healing, and the eye of Horus, symbolizing protection on your journey. At this time, you must make your rational mind and your heart and spirit align in order to progress further. When the heart and mind work as one, greatness is bound to occur. That is true spiritual alchemy; all you work towards can now be achieved.


Time to get up and get going! The fear and doubt you have been feeling is most definitely file_002-1misplaced. These feelings are not based in tangible or spiritual reality. It is natural to feel unsure of yourself. Often times we use our past failures and shortcomings as a gauge for making future decisions. Well, that meter you have been using is broken and needs to be thrown away! By procrastinating, you are making things harder on yourself. You have nothing to fear. Take that first step and your efforts will ultimately play out in your favor. It’s natural to be uneasy or apprehensive; sometimes the first step is the hardest! However, you have so much to offer this world, and this is something you will realize as you move forward. Sure you might make a few mistakes on the way. Treat these bumps in the road as learning experiences. Your confidence will increase as well as your self-esteem as you realize your success. Do not doubt yourself. Surrender your fear and trade it for faith!

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