The Ace of Diamonds

Did you know playing cards can be read like tarot cards?

I walked out of my office earlier to get some air. I was one of two people outside my office building. When I went to walk back inside the other person was still on their phone in the lot. Nothing on the ground when I came out, I now see this Ace of Diamonds, part of the 13681058_281173412274547_1680217445215303124_ncard wet. I picked it up brought it inside!

The Ace of Diamonds is “The Life Card” and the suit itself corresponds to the earth element. If you come across an Ace of Diamonds, it signifies an important message, change, good news etc. most often involving money. The Ace of Diamonds can also foretell luck in relationships & in gypsy culture can foretell a marriage proposal!

Either way, the Ace of Diamonds is a very lucky omen to come across. Very happy I stumbled upon 🙂

Has this ever happened to you? Tell me about it!





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