Lightworker (9) Nine

I confess that usually when I hear the number 9 I automatically go back to middle school when my music teacher played that Beatles track “Revolution Nine” which made my eardrums bleed. (sorry not sorry, Beatles fans).

With that being said, when I came up with repeating 9’s all day down to drawing four 9’s in one of my favorite card games, I wasn’t exactly thrilled. I just never associated it with anything positive. Most of the repeating angel numbers I get are 1111, 333, and 222. 1111 we covered in one of my earlier articles which you should definitely check out especially if you are manifesting!

Moving on, what’s the number 9 all about?

The Number (9) Nine

The number nine is the number of agape and universal love and faith. Nine carries the energies of your divine life/soul purpose as well as correlating to service, humanitarianism, intuition, inner strength, lifestyle changes, freedom, self-love, empathy, romance, compassion, mysticism, wisdom and the list goes on!IMG_7505

The number nine is also the lightworker’s number. A lightworker is someone who volunteered before birth to embark on a sacred mission to heal and help the earth and all its inhabitants. A lightworker’s purpose is highly sacred. Many light workers may not remember this after entering the physical realm. However, many experience psychic, supernatural, angelic, or life-changing instances that remind us of our path and calling. All of us have a purpose or mission when we come to earth, not to say that all purposes/missions are not important.

In a more general sense, your angels are calling you to be of service to humanity and look for ways to uplift and bring positivity to all those you come into contact with. The number 9 is a message from your angels calling you to use your gifts and natural talents and abilities to serve humanity or become more proactive in charity and humanitarian work on a small or large scale. In this sense, your angels may even be trying to nudge you and let you know that someone close to you needs your help!

The number nine also signifies endings and beginnings in the different phases that we have in our lives. It may be time to close a chapter as it no longer serves us. Other times, the number nine is a message from our angels that a certain path, phase, or situation is about to come to a close. For some, this is a relief. For others, this may bring about some anxiety. Have faith that your angels are behind you and are working towards your highest good!


In my earlier article 11:11 Stop Wish & Start Manifesting, you may have read how naturally sequences of numbers in multiple digits magnifies the energy of the number. Often times, when we break a number down the individual digits that make up that number are very significant. The only repeating numbers in 9 is 2 which repeats twice. Considering it only repeats twice, not to say that does not contribute energy, I did not find it entirely significant to break down the number 2 although I will do so in later articles!

Number 9 intensified in all its sequences encourages us to go boldly towards our dreams even in the face of adversity. When I picture the increasing additions of the sequence I imagine my angels shouting at me, “Keep going! You’re almost there!”

If you see 9 repeated 4 times in 9999, this is a message from your angels that you are a lightworker and to let your light shine! Focus on your purpose, and do not let anything deter you from doing so! Your angels are with you in this time to assist you, and are listening to your prayers. Call out to them and continue to allow them to bring positivity and blessings into your life.

9 * 4  = 36

When breaking down angel numbers, as I said, it is not only the number itself. We have to think about what numbers contributed to that sequence and the energies they carry. 9999 is 9 multiplied by 4 equalling 36. So, we delve in deeper to this calling from our angels as light workers to continue on our path. In addition to allowing our light to shine, the number 36 is a message from the angels to stay focused not on the physical realm but the spiritual realm. We need to turn our focus from outward to inward. Many times we search for the truth in the physical world and we forget to search our souls. That is where part of the truth is found: within ourselves. Be confident that as you journey inward to heal yourself and those around you that your needs will be provided for. Stop stressing about finances (I know it’s hard sometimes, trust me), relationships, careers, etc. and trust and have faith that the angels are taking care of your needs. Put your best foot forward, and blessings will follow!


I’ve found, as a medium and psychic, that when angels are using number sequences with me it is because I am not paying attention to the other messages they are sending. I believe this can apply to all of us which I think is so great! Think about it. Your angels are trying so hard to bless you and bring positivity to your life behind the scenes often times not getting through to you maybe even because you are not listening. Still, they find the little ways to let you know they are there and trying to assist you. How awesome is that!


You are surrounded by angels, majestic celestial beings, that love you and are protecting you. Go boldly forward!





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