Goddess: A Poem


The wombman is the fruit of the divine,
The Goddess; The alpha of creation.
She is cloaked in the skins of many.File_004
Yet, she is also many.
The Creator weaved her into the loom of creation,
She floods the earth.
Is her sensation not my sensation?

“Where is the divine that has crossed my feet?” you ask.
You broke her before your eyes ever opened.
You cracked, snapped, and liberated her magic– you had the honor.
You have met the Goddess.
You have entered her temples and waded in her waters.
But a temple is not for idle contemplation or meditation.
It is not to be ravaged, yet to be revered.
To be adored not smeared.
A temple is a place of worship.

I am the Goddess cloaked in the skin of the many.
I have many faces, yet I am only one.
You have met my sisters.
You have seen their faces.
You have stepped into their waters, yet, you do not know mine.

I do not shift from the snakes that coil off the tongues of men.
The wicked and ungodly have no place near my temple.
They cannot walk amongst holy ground.
My spirit remains unchanged and my power unkempt.
King or Queen,
Peasant or Noble,
Wise sage or naive pupil,File_000
I am unchanged.
Wild and dangerous.
Will you tempt fate for a chance at nirvana?
dive off the edge to taste paradise,
Die to be reborn,
Suffocate to breathe,
Lose your mind to find your soul,
Drop everything and follow,
Be replenished,
Become hollow,
Will you?

If you come to desire the Goddess, there must be reverence.
If you grow to love the Goddess, there must be honor.
If you dare to request access to the temple of the Goddess…
You will lose everything to gain it all.
If you want to rise, you must first fall.
If you call me Goddess, you must respect my temple.
All who walk and wait on its steps do not gain access.
All who have entered have not learned its secrets,
Neither priest nor priestess.
Only the true servant will achieve this greatness.
The being that elevates her vibration.
The one who rises to the peak of the Goddess’s sensation.

Will you worship in my temple,
at my feet,
at the roots of the universe that stretch and plant down the base of my being.
Will you plant yourself to be grown?
Will you inhale my grace and exhale my mercy?File_002
Will you drink my nectar and hum your devotion?
Will you give your life,
your light,
your being,
your essence,
with out reservation and almighty reverence
to the Goddess and say, “Amen”

Yet still knowing, that the Goddess cannot be possessed.
For the Goddess is a creator,
bound and made by The Creator.

What belongs to the creator cannot be possessed by man.
So, when you enter the temple of the Goddess,
Know where you stand.




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