The Star of David

The Lord is my light and my salvation; who is then a cause of fear to me? the Lord is the strength of my life; who is a danger to me?

King David, Psalms 27:1

The Star of David is a symbol that is very common today pertaining to Judaism. We’ve seen it so many times we may not even think it has any inner meaning. The Star of David also known as the Shield of David has more meaning to it than you may think.

The Star of David, before that was its name, can be traced by centuries to the early kabbalistic teachings and grimoires. For those of you that do not know, the Kabbalah is the ancient Jewish tradition of mystical interpretation of the Bible. The kabbalah is still very significant today in more orthodox and fundamentalist traditions of Judaism.

King Solomon is King David’s son and rightful heir to the throne after his death. In order to understand the Shield of David, we need to understand Solomon.

King Solomon not only was king and the wisest man in Israel, but he had magical and supernatural abilities given to him by God including but not limited to healing and exorcism which can be accounted for in the bible specifically in 1 Kings. At his birth, he was named Solomon, yet the prophet Nathan came to Bat Sheva and told her the Lord has given him the name “Jedidiah” which means “Beloved of Jehovah.”

Many grimoires and mystical texts surfaced years after his rule detailing symbols, spells, rites, and incantations supposedly passed down and written by the King himself. Others were penned in dedication to his name.

Among these articles, some of you may be familiar with the Seal of Solomon. On the right is a more simpler depiction of the Seal of Solomon (look familiar?). Legend has it that this symbol was inscribed on King Solomon’s ring by God himself!  Tales of King Solomon’s abilities and wisdom stretch across all religions including Christianity, Judaism, and Islam. There are hundreds if not thousands of variations of these symbols which all draw and create different energies. Some seals may provide healing while others may provide protection. Either way, the Shield of David was influenced by this symbol.

The Shield of David

The Shield of David was developed as a symbol for Judaism specifically in the early 19th century. Remember the creation story of God creating the world in 7 days?

For each day, according to Kabbalah, God created the world with the following seven qualities:

Chesed: Kindness
Gevurah: SeverityFile_000
Tiferet: Harmony (also known “keter” or “the crown” which is also in the kabbalistic “Tree of Life” its part signifying balance)
Netzach: Perseverance
Hod: Splendor (in other translations Hod means majesty)
Yesud: Foundation
Malchut: Royalty

My Personal Interpretation

So, what does this all mean? The Star of David does not only trace back to King Solomon detailing the wonders and wisdoms God can bestow upon his people and his faithful. The Star of David draws a connection between God and his people, signifying the divine relationship and balance he bestowed upon the earth since creation. In fact, these seven principles can be applied in our daily lives. Think about the balance and duality of Kindness and Severity or Yesud, the foundation. In my opinion when we have a strong foundation rooted in God and Spirit we are better able to navigate this world and be in touch with our spiritual selves. Meditating and being strong in this foundation enables us to not only persevere through life and the trials we may experience yet we can strive for balance, harmony, kindness to others, and severity (when necessary). All of the points and sections of stars do not exist with out the other. Some of these qualities being extreme opposites, this really further explains the divine duality between light and dark. We need an equal understanding and existence of both in order to live in balance and harmony with God.

The history of Jewish and Hebrew culture, religion, spirituality, and mysticism is a wealth of knowledge and enlightenment which is one of the reasons I focus on it so much. I believe that everyone should have the opportunity to study these principles as they give us a deeper and more spiritual understanding of relationship with Spirit and events in this world. For me? I’ve found an inner peace and understanding.


Shalom Aleichem,



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