The Goddess Series: Sekhmet

This edition of the Goddess Series is dedicated to all of my sisters who have the heart and soul of a warrior, for all my sisters who have caged their inner lioness. Tonight, I call you to release her.

Origin: Khemet (Egypt)

“The Eye of Ra”
“She Who is Powerful”
“Lady of Life”
“One Before Whom Evil Trembles”
“The Flame”

All those titles were given to Sekhmet the Goddess of War, Love, Fire, and countless other aspects of life. She is one of the oldest known deities in Khemetic history. Sekhmet means “The One Who is Powerful”coming from the word “sekhem” meaning power.  Sekhmet is depicted as a lion and is most often associated with the warrior, justice, and kings.

According to the legends, it is said that Ra, the God of the Sun, sent Sekhmet, his daughter, to earth in the form of a lioness because mankind was not following his laws. She was sent to earth to punish mankind. The slaughter was immense, and Sekhmet carried out mankind’s punishment ruthlessly. However, Ra, seeing the destruction she was causing, ordered her to stop immediately.
Sekhmet became so overcome with blood lust that she would not listen. Long story short, Ra sent down loads of beer to earth stained to look like blood, and Sekhmet got wasted and slept for three days. When she woke up her lust was gone and laid her eyes upon Ptah. Sekhmet instantly fell in love and, eventually, Sekhmet gave birth to Nefertum which is the God of Healing. Their union restored Maat (the balance between order and chaos). Ancient Egyptians celebrate a festival in honor of Sekhmet to commemorate the legend.

Sekhmet is also said to be the mother of Maahes, a Lion God and Pharaoh, and Niuserre, also a pharaoh. For this reason, she is closely associated with kingship. In fact, there are legends that say she could and would ride into battle scorching the enemy bodies of Pharaoh’s who served her which is why many Pharaohs would make offerings to her before and after their battles. Sekhmet is also said to have the power to not only send plagues but to heal those afflicted with illness as well.

Sekhmet: Be Strong

“You are stronger than you think you are, and your strength assures a happy outcome.”
Now, before deciding to sit down and write the next edition to the Goddess Series, I already felt it in my soul that this was going to be a raw one. When I drew this card, I felt it’s energy, and it is super strong.

Sekhmet calls us to release our inner lioness. She embodies the fierceness of the warrior and takes no sh*t! Neither should we sisters, and from what I’m getting is that we’ve been taking other people’s sh*t for way too long.  Disclaimer: I am not advising anyone to go out and tear people to shreds

literally or figuratively. 🙂

How many of us have allowed ourselves to be stifled by others actions, words and opinions? How many of us sisters have made ourselves quieter, softer, or even changed ourselves to fit in this invisible box that society, acquaintances, and even the men in ours lives want us to fit in? Maybe you’ve sacrificed your hobbies, aspirations, changed your routine, or shoved down parts of your personality. Enough is enough.
The situation that you are going through, the struggles you are facing, are not going to be resolved by shrinking yourself. In fact, this struggle you have been facing has been growing exponentially by the minute because you are shrinking yourself. The universe is calling you to be strong and stand in your truth. Don’t allow people to criticize you, insult or belittle you. It is time to stand on your own two feet and say “I’ve had enough, and I am MORE than enough!” The mountain is not going to move on its own. You need to move the mountain in front of you by first realizing that you have the power to do so. Be unapologetically yourself, go out into the world and SLAY! Wear what you want to, say what you want to, pick up the hobby or project that you’ve put off for so long. Additionally? Tell anyone who stands in the way of your happiness to straight up get lost!
I have never wanted to portray myself as someone who does not have these struggles because I do. It is one of the reasons this blog is so important to me because I know that my sisters are out there that have gone through or are going through some of the same experiences I have been in or am going through. It wasn’t so long ago that I did this. I allowed certain individuals to stifle me. I started feeling the pressure from those who, in the grand scheme of things, are not that important or significant. I don’t have a large following, but I came under certain scrutiny and it made me want to crawl into my shell. I let the fire and passion for who I am and what I do begin to fizzle out. I did all of the above things. I tried to be quiet, make myself softer, be someone else, I stopped writing, I stopped being who I am. And it hurt. I was hurting myself by subduing my strength. One day, I asked myself, “Who do you want to be?” For one of the first times in my life, I said, “I want to be ME.” There is unlimited power in owning who you are. That’s when I started awakening my inner lioness, and I call on all of you to do so with me. I allowed her to sleep for just a short while, but it is time to wake her up permanently. Separate we are still strong yet together we are unstoppable.

My inner motto lately? I do not care. 
Yep, very simply, I do not care. I do not care if who I am makes others uncomfortable. Those who do not love and accept me for who I am can simply waltz their way out of my sphere. I do not care if others disagree with the path I have chosen in life. It is my life, not theirs, and again, they are free to take a hop, skip and a jump out of my space. I do not care if the reason certain individuals feel the need to scrutinize me, insult me, or invade my privacy and comfort are doing it because they “are not happy” or “have issues.” Those people can also take their bad intentions and bad energy a million miles away from me because I just simply do not care. 

Case in point:

NEVER apologize for being who you are.
NEVER compromise your identity and authenticity to pacify other people.
NEVER accept mistreatment, abuse, bad energy, bad intentions from anyone.
And, NEVER, allow someone else’s twisted state of being, mind, spirit or issues to stop you from accomplishing your dreams and pursuing your happiness.
I feel the lioness, the warrior, and the power of my ancestors rising up and burning that fire in my soul. I call all my sisters to break their chains and join me on the battlefield that we call this earth.
Say it with me Queens:
I will not be soft.
I will not stay quiet.
I AM the lioness.
I AM the warrior
And I AM ready for battle.
BREAK the chains that you have been locked in.
CRUSH the shackles that were placed on your feet.
Because LIONESSES do not lose sleep over the opinions of sheep.


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