Flames in the Night: Twin On, Twin Flames

In movies, books, poems we always hear about soulmates; one’s true and everlasting love. Love is an interesting thing. It is something intangible that can never truly be possessed. Poets and philosophers have toiled with the idea of love for centuries. Romeo and Juliet, Lancelot and Guinevere, Ruth and Boaz, David and Bathsheba, countless other stories and moments in time paint different pictures of what the human spirit has grasped as love.

In order to understand twins we need to understand soul mates. Soul mates often times lead us to our twin flame. Soul mates, however, are not all lovers. In fact, a soul mate can be someone that you utterly despise.  But, hey, it’s always more joyful to view them in the glow of love. Soul mates are

people that we made contracts with on the other side when we were not physical bodies; we were in our true form: souls. We may cycle through many lifetimes with different souls in different bodies while some new blood may enter the mix in certain lifetimes. Either way they are here to teach us lessons and help us along our way on this journey. In my experience, soul mates are not always contracted by the two involved but contracted by something greater; I choose to call Him God (some may call them Spirit, Goddess, etc. whichever you like).

We are bound by these contracts in different ways. We are destined to encounter these souls and lessons along our journeys. Soul mates can be beautiful and caring lovers while some can be controlling and abusive. Soul mates can also be family members, best friends, teachers, co-workers and so on. For some of us these are joyful and enlightening experiences that we will cherish forever, and, for others, they were painful lessons that we would rather leave behind us.  However, it is ours and God’s choice as to how long we experience them. There are plenty experiences that I can recall where God put his hand on my life and said, “Nope! That’s enough of that!” Whether certain situations came to a screeching halt or things seemed to fall apart the more I tried to force them together, I knew exactly what he was saying. I truly believe that in order to grasp and fully experience  the lessons through our different soul mates we must also always be in conscious contact with God. It is important that we heed warnings, gut-feelings, and cycles so that we may completely experience and learn each lesson. Ultimately, God has the final say if they wish to intervene. Me? I’m a pretty big believer in divine intervention.

Twin On: Twin Flames

The Twin Flame experience is the most rewarding, gut-wrenching, beautiful, painful, amazing, uncomfortable yet truly divine relationship that any one person can encounter. The Twin Flame is the closest, most sacred and pure love and soul connection only next to that of a mother and child. With that

being said, twin flame connections, although difficult at times, are entirely pure and represent true agape love. Agape, unconditional meaning with out conditions and eternal. Reuniting with a twin flame is not really falling in love, it is awakening your soul to what has always been there; sometimes for thousands of years.

Some say Twin Flames are literally the other half of one’s soul. However, that is a very finite and, excuse me, an earthly way of examining this type of relationship. If all energy and matter in this universe is eternal then a soul can never truly be “split” in half. My understanding of the twin flame is that a soul is inhabiting two bodies at once. Here on earth, it is easy to see why we consider that as separate or a “split” since, in the physical and in this illusion, two bodies are not one. Keeping the eternal and infinite existence of a soul in mind, twin flames are never truly separated although it may feel as such. Individuals who have been “reunited” with their twin flames, especially after many lifetimes of potential separation, may report that being away from their twin is heart wrenching while being in their presence feels closer to their natural state. Not all twins incarnate at the same time. Keeping in mind the infinite sense of the soul, you could say that a portion incarnates in the physical realm while the other half is aiding their twin from the other side like a guide or guardian angel.
Many twins report having spent past lives together, being able to communicate telepathically and even feel each other’s pain. Other times twins that may not have had psychic abilities before uniting with their twin on this plane may report an increase in psychic connection. Many twins have dreams or visions of one another before they ever in meet in this life time. In most situations, twins have startling and nearly identical life experiences, interests, likes, dislikes, behaviors and so on. The patterns are undeniable. Uniting with the souls other half brings peace and comfort. Many twins may say there is no place they feel more comfortable, accepted, and truly at peace than in the presence of their twin. The twin flame relationship, however, is not entirely harmonious. Twins force us to confront the deepest and darkest parts of ourselves while nurturing our light so it can flourish. They are here to help us clean house so to speak. Due to the nature of the twin flame relationship, it can most times feel extremely intense which is why there is usually a runner and a chaser. Some twins may even separate for a time being, but in the end, whether on this plane, the other side, in this lifetime or the next they always find their way back to each other.
Essentially, your twin is your mirror image. Imagine all the things you like or even love about yourself in another person. This person understands you completely. In the same breath, imagine all the things you dislike or maybe even can’t stand about yourself reflected back at you in another person. Then, throw in absolutely everything in between! Pretty confusing right? At times it may

even be downright uncomfortable or maddening. The twin flame relationship is a healing process. After years, and sometimes even centuries, of stress fractures and pain, your twin is here to help you heal.  In arguments or uncomfortable situations it may be difficult to say certain things or criticize your partner because you do the same! It’s a catch-22.

“Well, you’re doing XYZ”
“But so are you!”
Healing isn’t always joyous; it’s painful. No twin is unique. Certain life experiences may have allowed you to grow in different ways, but always remember that the two of you are really one. One’s pain and experience is essentially also the other’s. I have a couple friends who have reunited with their twin flames. Something I’ve always wondered about is when either person has a family member or friend that dislikes their twin. If you think about it, if you don’t like one of them then you don’t really like the other either; what you do to one you in turn do to the other twin. Food for thought! Because of what I just described and due to the intense strength and bond of the twins, many twins are extremely protective of each other. Because I’m a woman, I always picture the mother lion. And I have digressed…
On the other hand there may be situations that you and your twin can’t see eye to eye on at all. Often times our twins will represent parts of ourselves that we do not wish to acknowledge or accept whatsoever which can be very difficult. Each twin may represent two sides of a very extreme spectrum which presents a lesson for the twins; how to find a balance between the two. Soulmates help us reach different parts of our lives and learn lessons. Twins teach us the ultimate life lessons; that next level sh*t. When we are not honest with ourselves, our twins are. It’s important that twins try to be open and learn as much from each other as they can. I don’t want to imagine what the process would be like if you had a pair of relentlessly stubborn ones!
All twins have their process. In all, the twin flame connection is a tie that can never be severed and should be highly respected and appreciated. As I said before, there is no greater love or soul connection than the twin flame other than that of mother and child. Although challenges may prove to be difficult and frustrating, never forget the beauty.
I named this article “Flames in the Night”because the light is what leads us home when we are in darkness which is exactly where twins lead us. Home. Home is not a place, a house or a building. Some say that a home is where your heart is which may be true, but what better home than where your soul lies. If you have found this love in your lifetime, you are very blessed. Hold on to it tight, and never let it go.
Twin On, Twins,

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