Sex is Art: 6 Tips For Your Sex Life in Mars Rx

*This article contains content that is not appropriate for individuals 18 years of age or younger*

Most of us who are more involved in the new age spiritual or astrological communities are aware or have heard of a retrograde (Rx) a some point. The most common and popular retrograde we all tend to focus on is Mercury. This last Mercury Rx, which began at the end of 2015 and ended a couple months into 2016, most likely hit me harder than any other I’ve experienced. Each planet has different spiritual and energetic effects on individuals when it is direct and especially in retrograde.

What is a retrograde?
A retrograde is when a planet diverts from its usual orbit and moves backwards; at some points it seems to take a different course entirely. At the end of the retrograde period the planet will take a

brief pause and then resume its usual course. Today, April 17, begins Mars’s retrograde which will end on June 29th.

But, hol’ up for a minute! Just because Mars is taking a snooze, doesn’t mean your sex life has to! Before we can understand how this retrograde is going to affect us, lets take a look at Mars as a whole.

Mars is named after the Roman God of War, and carries a very strong masculine (yang) energy. Mars forces us to confront the deepest and darkest parts of ourselves. Corresponding to the zodiac sign Aries, he (if you will) symbolizes rebirth, new beginnings, passion, lust and aggression. Those with fire or Aries/Mars in their natal charts are “go-getters”; very passionate and driven individuals.
Now, imagine the opposites of all of those things I just described — except for confronting ourselves. You may have thought you almost got away with that one! Mars Rx is actually very similar to Mercury Rx. However, Mars is a much more direct and aggressive planet. Therefore, Mars in retrograde means our fire is about to take a nose dive, and by fire I mean libido.

I’ll tell you one thing we aren’t going to let fizzle out, and that’s why you are most likely reading this article. Like I said, just because Mars is off his game doesn’t mean us ladies have to be! Disclaimer: I’m not about to get all erotica on you, ladies; although I might add in a couple for fun!

#1 Pineapples, Dark Chocolate & Strawberries

Not only will the above fruits make Her taste better to your partner, but they will help increase overall lubrication and sensitivity. When we pollute our bodies with junk and processed foods it lowers our libido, decreases our vibrations and affects our bodies. Yes, that cheeseburger and fries from the fast food joint might be a guilty pleasure, but during the Mars Rx we need to pay more attention to our bodies. Foods with Omega 3 Fatty Acids such as salmon, tuna, and oysters also help increase lubrication, and oysters specifically are an aphrodisiac. Dark Chocolate, strawberries, avocados, and pomegranates (pomegranate juice if you’re in a hurry) are also aphrodisiacs which I personally recommend.

#2 Sex is an Art — Take Your Time

For those of you that have been married or in a long term relationship it’s easy to fall into a routine. That isn’t always bad. If you and your partner have found a rhythm that works for you, and you’re

happy with it then by all means keep doing what your doing! However, I’ve found that for a lot of women that isn’t the case. This sense will be more heightened during the retrograde for the reasons that I explained in the previous paragraphs. There’s some action and then boom, clothes off and the rest is history. Everything else in society today is a rush and on a schedule; your sex life shouldn’t be. Making love should not be just another part of your day that you and your partner rush through to get to the next thing on your long list of tasks to complete.. Sex. Is. An. Art. Be deliberate. If your kissing them, licking them, caressing them whatever it is your doing make it count. We rush through the foreplay to get to the sex forgetting that it’s all a part of the dance and is just as important. Some people might say “Allow the intensity to build.” but I say build the intensity and watch how different the entire act is. Pay attention to signals your partners body is sending you, and take your time with them. Sex is a sacred art and we all have our different ways of performing. Each encounter is part of a masterpiece. Stop thinking, turn off all distractions and be in the now. On the flip side, don’t be shy! If something feels good, let your partner know. If they’re not quite in that spot, nudge them in the right direction. No matter how great a lover you have, they won’t know exactly how to please you in certain ways if you don’t show them!

#3 Touch Yourself

Yeah, I said it! Read it again? Still said it. I feel like women talking about masturbation is so taboo. A man will talk about rubbing one out, but a woman claiming her sexuality? How dare she! Part of enjoying and being confident during sex is being comfortable with our own sexuality. Masturbation not only helps relieve stress and tension, but there are chemicals in the brain that are released said to heal depression. One of the great things about it is that you get to know your body and mind. Remember how I said you need to show your partner what pleases you? Well, what is that for you? Where does your mind wander during this, and what spots exactly get you off? Not to mention, masturbation is proven to help women be more in tune with their bodies and boost confidence. Some women feel that because they have a partner they don’t need to masturbate. Why does one rule out the other? It doesn’t. In fact, the title of this tip doesn’t just refer to when you are alone. Build up that intensity and do it before you see your partner or on your way. Watch how it changes your interaction. Don’t fight the cues your body is giving you. The urges you feel when your in that ready-to-rip-their-clothes-off frame of mind is one of the most natural and instinctual places your body mind can be in. Follow them and see where they take you. Don’t be ashamed of your fantasies and desires. Own them.

#4 Yoni Eggs

If you haven’t read my article Yoni Eggs: A Queen’s Secret Weapon now would be the time to do so. In short, yoni eggs increase vaginal lubrication, control of your vaginal muscles, and seriously intensify orgasms. Using Yoni Eggs transformed my life and sexuality to a whole different level. The specific stone to work with for sexuality this Rx is Carnelian. Yoni Eggs are perfectly safe and perfect to use during sex. Not only will they intensify your orgasm, but, with more control of those muscles, you can bring your partner there too with even more intensity. It’s a win win! Yoni Eggs are available for purchase @ Shop.Shhheba.Online.

#5 The Sex Bucket List

Now, disclaimer, if you’re prone to jealousy going over the sex bucket list with your partner in Mars Rx is NOT a good idea. If you aren’t bothered by knowing the places your partner has and has not had sex (whether that may be with previous partners) then by all means go for it. Break out of the bedroom, and explore both of your fantasies. Not only is it a turn on for both of you, but it’s exciting especially if these places are where you definitely would not want to be caught. It’s a sure fire way to really get the adrenaline pumping

#6 Be Spontaneous

I’m not one to condone massive PDA because I’m one of those people who just really isn’t a fan. On the flip side I feel like there’s this notion, “Oh I have to wait until we’re *here* or *there* to start anything”you catch my drift. Follow your instincts and stop waiting for an “appropriate” time to display your affections. Being spontaneous is not only initially arousing but during sex it will breed a certain urgency and intensity which makes the encounter that much more satisfying.
Mars Rx can really be a pain, but it doesn’t have to be. Sure it might feel like we’re going against the grain a little bit, but in the end who knows what new discoveries will come out of these next couple months! In addition to everything I’ve covered today I figured it would be important to include some “don’ts” for the Rx. DO NOT initiate any fights, legal matters/lawsuits, etc. during the retrograde. Since Mars is the God of War (now in retrograde), those who initiate disputes are destined to lose. If anything if you’re really pressing to get something done legally before June 29, I’d suggest coaxing your opponent into doing it first. Reflect during this month and work on any already commenced projects. Projects started in retrograde will soon fizzle out.
Keep your fire burning, Queens!
An Artist,

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