Shake It Off!

To be honest, when I first drew this pair of cards I wasn’t sure if this was the draw I was meant to write about. It is definitely somewhat heavier than what I normally write, and, unless it is entirely necessary, I like to keep my messages somewhat lighthearted. However, I shuffled… and shuffled, and I kept coming up with the same two cards. It’s funny how cards and spirit work like that.  In fact, it’s a lot like life and what I’m about to go into. We’ve been shown the truth, even if it were just glimpses of it, yet we keep on the same path. We keep on shuffling. This spread overall signifies a huge shift. I’ve noticed this shift before happening around the time of the resurrection in a few different years of my life. This shift will not be sudden, and, although it will take some time, this shift is inevitable. The question is: How are you going to navigate it? Before we get started, the crystal you see in the middle of those cards is Black Tourmaline. My suggestion? Start carrying a piece with you because it is going to be extremely helpful throughout the upcoming journey. Black Tourmaline is actually part of my Top 7 Crystals!

Card #1: The Temptress

Like most cards the temptress can symbolize many things, but what I’m seeing is dead weight. We’ve been carrying around this dead weight for so long whether it is a job, a family member, a relationship, or a lifestyle. We’ve been shown time and time again that this aspect of our lives no longer serves us and may even been detrimental to our overall growth. However, we fail to learn the lesson that keeps on repeating itself. Have you noticed a particular theme in your life that you can’t seem to shake? I remember going through a period of time where I felt like I kept letting the same negative person into my circle. The difference was that this person was displaying themselves in multiple acquaintances and friendships in my life.
However, the temptress is also seductive. This aspect of our lives has seduced us with beautiful promises and compromises that we just keep on waiting on to happen. We think that if we just keep on trucking along everything will eventually turn out the way we always wanted it to. That the plans we have made will go exactly as we wanted. Ever heard the saying that when you’re making plans, God is laughing? Unfortunately, many disappointments, hardships, and broken promises later.. here we are again! Like I said, this aspect of your life can be a job, family member, relationship, or a lifestyle. However, this does not solely mean a situation that has been occurring for a long time. This can also symbolize a repeating behavior or situation you have not learned from previously.

Card #2: Jewel Within A Teardrop

However, eventually, even if we resist we will be forced to learn the lesson one way or another. Your spirit guides, ancestors, angels, and God have been trying to shake you awake! This time they are not asking permission. Try not be upset with them because although this may be uncomfortable, this lesson is being taught to you for your overall good. God, your guides, ancestors, and angels always have your highest good in mind. God knows what is best for us, and He knows what is up ahead.
We’ve been down this road before, and we keep on doing the same thing over and over again, which by the way is the definition of insanity. Eventually, we have to face ourselves. This will be a deeply emotional time, and although there may be loss and uncomfortable adjustments, you will eventually find your footing. Everyone expresses their emotions in different ways, but if you find yourself in tears throughout this shift do not be afraid. Tears are a sign of cleansing and healing. It’s okay to feel your emotions!
We’ve been so fixated on something that has been draining us that we forgot one very important person. Ourselves. Through this struggle you will reconnect with your true self spiritually and emotionally which is very exciting! As someone who has been through this before many times and in varying degrees, I can honestly say that rediscovering and recreating myself is one of the most remarkable things I’ve been through.
However, just like the resurrection, new life cannot spring forward with out death. This part of your life needs to figuratively die in order for you to move forward and discover what God has in store for you. With that being said, this is where the jewel part of this card comes in. Once the dust settles, beautiful things will be born out of your struggle and hard work. Because you will have reconnected, discovered, and been set on a path to self-love, love will be coming into your life. Whether it’s family, friendship, or a new special someone, trust me when I say God has heard your prayers and is pleased with your hard work. For that, there will be reward! Keep doing the next right thing, and good will come to you!
Bonus: Reflection
Both those cards packed a pretty big message, so I figured a bonus card would help to even this out. Reflection is exactly what is sounds like. During this time, it is important you reflect on your attitudes and behaviors. That’s right. It’s time to stop taking other’s inventories and start taking your own. You might be thinking, “I know who I am! I don’t need to reflect!” Well, I thought you might say that. The reflecting and inventory we’ve been taking has been distorted. Look at the artwork on this card. See how the reflection of the moon is completely different in the water? It’s time to get honest with ourselves about who we are.
As mentioned in the previous paragraphs, this can be uncomfortable. We need to dig deep and be very thorough as our thoughts and feelings are creating our realities. That knot in your gut or the pain in your chest that you’re feeling is being reflected back at you in the physical world. Even if we break it down, think about how your feeling affects your interactions with others. Especially if the pain is deep, we can hurt the people we care about in our lives. Sometimes, we even do it with out intending or realizing we are doing it.
There’s no shame in my game! So I’m not afraid to say that in the past I have sought out professional help to assist me in going through turbulent and even painful transitions in my life. Don’t be afraid to seek out a counselor to help you sift through everything you are experiencing. Another tool I’ve found immensely helpful is journaling. Putting my thoughts and feelings on paper always helps me gain a new perspective and also makes it much more manageable.
This time may be challenging overall, but if you stay the course the rewards will be better than you can imagine. Allow what no longer serves you to fade away so you can welcome in the new joy that is waiting for you!
And, remember: Never underestimate the power of prayer.

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