Easter Draw: Angel of Expression

Easter, Ostara and the resurrection are a time for joy and rebirth. However, resurrection and rebirth cannot happen with out death. Sometimes, death is used in the figurative sense. Other times, great joy and new life can come out of loss and tragedy. Whether you are leaving an old lifestyle, habit, or relationship behind you are allowing yourself inevitably to enter into a new season in your life. The question is: How will you enter it? What does this new path hold for you? Only you can make that decision. Your circumstances do not determine how your future will unfold. Your choices and outlook are the deciding factors. Go boldly forward!

If you have experienced loss or tragedy in your life, let me be the first to say that it is your right to grieve and heal in your own process. As you heal, allow yourself to see the jewels, if I may say, that are presenting themselves as you move forward. Again, your circumstances do not determine your future: you do. How do you want this new path to look? The past is gone, and all we have is the present. Choose wisely as to how you will set off to begin anew.

As you emerge into a new season in life, feel free to express yourself not only liberally but clearly. Allow those in your life to know where you stand and how you are feeling. Now is a great time to begin new projects and express your creativity. However, be aware in this time that although you are growing and shedding old layers not everyone in your life is on this same path. Choose your company wisely, and do not be afraid to make healthy choices regarding those you keep close.

Today is a second chance. Take it!



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