Christ: His Message Was Love NOT Condemnation

Good Morning, Queens! I share my story with all of you through excerpts and descriptions in my articles, but God has been putting it on my heart to share more of myself. I grew up in the Catholic Church, and, as many of you know, the Catholic church does not look favorably on those with special gifts such as prophecy, mediumship, energy working or otherwise. I grew up feeling like an outcast in that way; unaccepted and wondering why God gave me my gifts if I was unable to share them in his church without scrutiny.

I was the smartest out of all the students in my Sunday school classes, and, unlike children who were forced to go, I was always excited for class. I did not start classes with the rest of my age group because my mother had not wanted me to attend. I was angry with her because I did not realize that, in her own way, she was trying to protect me. My father enrolled me in classes at his local church where all my cousins attended as well. I was so excited, and I had to work hard to catch up to my age group. This did not bother me because studying about God made me happy. I felt a closeness to Him, and it made me much less afraid of who I am. However, after verbalizing one of my dreams and one angel sighting that had occurred, I quickly learned that I had to keep my gifts to myself. I was so confused. I had thought that there would be people in the church that would help me. I was wrong.

Unfortunately, I started realizing that the church and other Christian denominations were not preaching about the loving God that I had grown knowing through my dreams and my encounters with His angels. I found that they painted Christ as someone who condemned and only loved a select few. It still angers me to this day that people misrepresent the God I know to be so loving and kind. I’ve met people like me who have had this experience, those who have turned away from God completely because of this travesty.

I am a Christian, but you won’t find my path in any building or temple. I’ve thought long and hard for quite some time as to how I would introduce Christ to you, my readers. I want you to know the Christ that I know, not the one the world has told you to fear. However, I first want to say that, as I write this, I am nearly in tears because I am so grateful that I am sharing him. I wish everyone could know the love and comfort that he instills in my heart.

Some of you may know the Council of Nicea decided which books would be included in the Bible. This council also made revisions to all the final inclusions. As a prophet (or seer, if you’d like to call it that instead), I’ve had issues with many aspects of the Bible. However, there is truth included in the pages.

The title of this article says it all. The truth is that His message was Love NOT Condemnation. There is no way I could do him justice in just this one article. I will be pulling from this deck of cards over time much like the Goddess series. This one being The Christ Series.

“Love one another; as I have loved you.”(John 13:34)

This is most likely one of the most popular bible verses, and I wouldn’t be surprised if you’ve heard it already! Jesus Christ calls us to love one another but in the Agape way. As humans, unconditional and Agape love can be a difficult task. Think about it! God loves all of us immensely. Key words: All Of Us. He loves the drug addicts, your average joes, the single mothers, the married couples, all the children, homosexuals, heterosexuals, criminals… Have I made my point? Some of you may be looking at this list saying, “I believe you… but how?” Some of you might even be angry at the inclusions that I made. Where we hate or discriminate, God loves eternally. We must constantly strive to love one another in the Agape way. We are all God’s children; Souls sent down to earth having a human experience. Learning to exercise Agape Love will be a lifetime journey for all of us. If you’re reading this and you’ve found a way to unconditionally love everyone on earth, come and find me please! I could use your help!
The first step in learning to love others unconditionally like Christ did is to love yourself unconditionally. Self love is such an important and crucial journey for all beings on earth especially because it radically affects every relationship we have outside of ourselves. In my article Self Love is Freedom. Be Free! I outline three aspects of Self Love and how to achieve it.
Experience God’s love today, and share it with those around you! “God’s love? I know you’re telling me God loves me, but how am I supposed to share that?” I feel his love by the joy I have in my heart or being able to feel the sun on my face when I walk outside. For readers that may have struggled with depression like I used to, you know that being able to feel the sun was a luxury that you didn’t have at one point. Today, I feel it, and although it might sound so insignificant, I am so grateful.
If you want to be an example of God’s love, do the next right thing! Pay for someone’s coffee or dinner today. Hold open the door for someone while you’re out. They say that we were made in God’s own image and likeness. We are a piece of Him. With that being said, God works through people. Be that person! One act of kindness can change another person’s life forever.


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