You Are Poetry

There’s something unsettling about the rise and fall of your chest,
How every breath is intertwined
How nothing here is really mine
How everything around me seems to defy all space and time
Unsettling because there is no beginning
No end.
Endless masterpieces crafted from dust,
Pieces of creation screaming for rest because, after all, what is this if not for a test?
And you’re tired,
And you’re weary,
And you’re wondering,
And you’re questioning,
Yet you’re dreaming,
Because this man with the weight of the world on his shoulders is awakening.
He is rising.
Defining himself.
Defying all odds.
But nothing seems to be ripe for timing.
You feel like you’re sinking,
You can’t help but thinking: Where are you Father?
Take me home.
But the fire burns in your soul,
The fire that ignites our people,
The fire of Kings.
The soul of a tribe rests on your shoulders,
Yet bows at your feet.
And we wait.
We wait for you.
We watch you.
I wait.
I wait for you.
I watch you.
I watch the universe flow through your bones down to the very marrow,
Through your veins,
How no breath is simple because
Each inhale is power.
Each exhale sweet.
The magic oozing from your fingertips,
The majesty radiating from your step.
I watch you stumble.
I watch you rise.
I watch this lifetime mold you.
I watch you mold this lifetime.
I watch you mold me.
I see you.
I see all of you from every part of creation,
And I embrace all that I can,
I record every moment as if it will soon dissipate into another thousand years,
Three thousand.

It is the most beautiful, yet most frightening.
The most breathtaking, yet most humbling.
In a world where nothing may truly be in my grasp,
In a realm where all earthly things may slip away,
You are one thing that is truly mine.
Carrying the honor and privilege to be yours.
Every trace of your soul is magical,
From the curve of your smile,
To the coil of your hair,
To the true heart of a King,
Your existence is anything but ordinary.
My love… You Are Poetry.


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