11:11 Stop Wishing & Start Manifesting

I remember when Facebook first came out. Hell, Myspace! I was always seeing these photos that said, “11:11 Make A Wish!” They usually were on a background of a starry sky or two lovers holding hands or kissing. My thoughts were always, “Why am I wishing? What’s so special about 11:11?” Eventually, I stopped asking why and started wishing. I was looking for just a shred of something so precious. An aspect of life that is almost essential yet so many people live with out it.

Little did I realize that when the sequence appeared in a license plate, a phone number, on my clock or even in an address that these recurring sequences were the hope I was looking for. In fact, the sequence 1111 isn’t just hope: it’s power. Power that I wasn’t using to my advantage. You could even say I kept on figuratively shooting myself in the foot. *Cue “One is the loneliest number”*

The number 1 symbolizes a fresh start, creation, unity, strength, new beginnings, divinity, individuality, success, will power leadership, independence, enlightenment, and raw unadulterated POWER. The number 1 in 1111 is magnified by four making its energies a total knockout number for manifestation.

The appearance of the number 1 generally marks the beginning of a new phase in life. Time to start over! However, since the vibration of 1 has been magnified, the sequence 1111 is much higher signifying an upcoming spiritual awakening. There are about to be some major shifts in your life whether that be financially, romantically, or maybe solely within yourself. However, you control the direction of this shift. An energetic portal is opening up for you which means right now your thoughts and words have more power than usual. Pay attention to any persistent or recurring thought patterns because during this time you will quickly be manifesting these ideals into your reality. Release any negativity or fear, and replace them with what you want to bring into your life.  Focus on the positive, and use this energy to your advantage.

With all the being said, it is always good practice to keep your thoughts and words in check. Although the power your words and thoughts carry at this time are magnified, they always have power! That’s the Law of Attraction.

Now, if you’re already thinking 1111 packs a punch, just stay with me here.

1+1+1+1 = 4

This sequence also carries the energy of four. Four carries the energies of the elements: Earth, Fire, Water, and Air. The number 4 also correlates to the four cardinal Archangels which each correspond to one of the 4 directions and 4 elements.

Archangel Michael – South – Fire
Archangel Raphael – East – Air
Archangel Gabriel – West – Water
Archangel Uriel – North – Earth

Not only are doors opening up for you allowing you to change your reality in any way you see fit to manifest, but this sequence is carrying the energies of the 4 cardinal Archangels who are here to assist you in this time of great change and opportunity. As a general rule, if you read my previous article Archangel Michael: You Are Not Alone, if I’m going through some rough times or overwhelming (good/bad) changes, I call on Archangel Michael. Any of the 4 cardinal Archangels are here to assist you in this time, and your angels and spirit guides are all here to support you. All you need to do is ask!

Keep a look out for more angel numbers this week!
Not familiar with all the Archangels? Stay tuned for Uriel this weekend!

One is NOT the loneliest number,


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