The Goddess Series: Brigit

Brigit (Brigid, St. Brigid)
Origin: Celtic

Brigit is the Celtic goddess of the sun, healing, inspiration, fire and childbirth. There is a lot of lore surrounding Brigit, and in some Irish traditions she is called Saint Brigit. In fact, she happens to be aone of the most powerful women in Irish history. Saint Brigit in the Christian faith comes directly, and was actually copied, from the Goddess Brigit.
In Druid mythology, Brigit is said to have been born at daybreak, rising into the sky with the sun with rays beaming from her head, and that as she grew, everywhere she walked flowers and shamrocks would blossom around her. Later in life, Brigit married an Irish king from an opposing tribe hoping to bring peace to Ireland and stop the continuous warring between the tribes. Unfortunately, she was not successful and years later lost her son in battle. Legend has it that Brigit’s cries were so loud they could be heard all over Ireland. However, she was still persistent, and Brigit is often duly known as being the warrior and a peacemaker. Some say her energy is even complimentary to that of Archangel Michael.
Brigit is often known as a triple goddess symbolizing the maiden, the loving mother, and the wise woman. She embodies three significant aspects of a woman’s life, and meditating on her energy can help to bring clarity, inspiration, and courage. Brigit’s temple is in Kildare, Ireland, and her feast day is on February 1st.

Don’t Back Down

Brigit’s message on this card is Don’t Back Down – Stand up for what you believe is right.
I think that all of us, especially as women, have gone through periods of time where we have felt stifled or weary of expressing ourselves. Brigit is here to say that now is the time to put your foot down. Stop caring about what others think, and stand in your own truth! If you feel that wrong has been done to you or if there is an injustice occurring, it is time to take action and speak up. However, what I’m feeling is that this weariness or hesitation to speak your truth comes from a battle that is going on inside yourself. Brigit is known as the peacemaker, but peacemaking does not just occur within society and relationships. This peacemaking needs to happen within yourself.
Often times we know what is right. We know that something feels wrong in our guts, that we deserve to be treated better, and that certain things that are said do not sit right with us. We keep quiet anyway. Find your voice! Dig deep within yourself, and decide what it is that you want. Notice I didn’t say, “Find what will please everyone else” or” Decide what to do that might look right to other people.” People pleasing, keeping quiet, and taking–excuse my language–shit you don’t deserve is what has gotten you here. Ignoring your intuition and your God given purpose is what has gotten you here. The only person that can change your life is you. The only person that can emerge your true self and rise to the anointing that was meant for you is you. 
Make peace with who you are and what your desires are. Don’t back down from doing what is right, what you deserve, and what changes need to be made in your life for you. Taking action like this will allow God to “weed your garden” as I like to say. Those who don’t support you for making healthy changes in your life for your highest good are those that do not need to be planted in your life. Alternatively, those who will support or advocate you engaging in an unhealthy activity or situation do not belong there either. Choose your company wisely. In this time, take notice of who cheers you on when you succeed. Trust me when I say, and I’m sure you’ve noticed this, not everyone is clapping for you when you win. Those are the people you need to weed out. Stand in your truth, and slowly but surely you will arrive in the company of those who are meant to help you blossom, not stand still. More importantly, the further you persist and stand in your truth the more you will be able to follow the purpose that God has given you. Allow your true self to emerge and rise from the ashes!
Don’t let anyone ever dull your shine,

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