Wisdom From Gaia: The Ocean of Eternal Love

Gaia is the Goddess of the Earth (some call her the Spirit of the Earth or Mother Earth) and she happens to be one of my guides. When searching for another oracle deck, I came across this deck specifically dedicated to Gaia which I am pulling from today. It was definitely a light bulb moment for me! I find something very special about these cards, not just because their artwork is beautiful, but it seems since the beginning I’ve grown a certain attachment to them that I haven’t had with many decks before.

Gaia is often portrayed as a woman being made out of the elements and sometimes as being pregnant with the earth. Ancient Greeks worshipped Gaia as the universal mother having believe she birthed the first Gods, the Titans, and the first human beings on earth. It is also said that she birthed the world into existence. For instance, Oceanus was hers and Uranus’s first child whose waters filled the earth and became the oceans of this world. Gaia protects the children of the earth and is the true embodiment of nurturing and fertility.

The Ocean of Eternal Love

The Ocean of Eternal love is the card I pulled for today. This card symbolizes many things, but what I’m feeling is a resurgence. If you’ve been feeling lately like the chips are stacked against you, this card symbolizes resolution to hardships and difficult situations. However, this resolution is through love. This resolution can be in a relationship, platonic or romantic, but it can also be a situation at work or maybe even within yourself.
How do you display love today? Love isn’t about how many times you say ‘I Love You’ or material gifts you may buy; although verbally expressing your love is always a good thing! Through honesty, authenticity, and genuine displays of love and affection will this situation be resolved. Now is not the time to put on a mask or act like the “tough guy.” Often times, it’s easier to mask emotions and bury them deep inside. However, what I’m feeling is that may be one aspect that has gotten you to this place. Be authentic and honest with the people in your life. This also means being ready to let go of anger and resentments which, naturally, will stunt the growth of any relationship. Beautiful things are ripe for the taking if you allow them to come into your life.
If this situation is in more of a professional capacity, I’ve found that acknowledging my coworkers and colleagues achievements and hard work has always strengthened our professional bonds as well as brightened their spirits. It can also help to ease tension and pave the way for an open dialogue.
The Ocean of Eternal Love also symbolizes healing and fertility. By being more loving, making a genuine effort, and being honest with your loved ones and yourself you open the door for inner healing as well as healing bonds that may have been damaged or broken. As far as fertility goes, this is the opportune time to put your best foot forward and take action in these relationships. Opportunities that appeared to be out of reach are now well within your grasp! Now is the time for growth and opportunity!
Much Love,


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