Love Is In My Life! – Love Charms & Angel Spells with Shhheba

Happy Valentines Day! All around the world couples are celebrating and showing their love for one another. I won’t lie to you, Valentines Day isn’t exactly my favorite day of the year, but then again any day is a beautiful day to show the people in your life you care about them. For those of you looking to bring some love into your life, this for you! Today, I’m going to share some crystals with you to make your own love charm as well as how calling on the angel Hadraniel can help attract the love you desire and deserve into your life!

Rose Quartz is a wonderful crystal to use if you want to attract love to yourself. Rose Quartz corresponds to the heart chakra and helps with romantic love, healing a broken heart, self love, and can even act as a love charm! If you are looking for Mr./Mrs. Right, carrying Rose Quartz with you will sure help nudge them along in to your life!

Shhheba’s Love Charm

Rose Quartz Sphere
You will need the following crystals:
Rose Quartz for Love
Green Aventurine “The Stone of Opportunity” for Luck
Citrine for Confidence
Carnelian, my personal favorite, for that extra spark! Carnelian is great for creativity, sexuality, and rekindling relationships.
Sleep with the crystals under your pillow at night or place them in a small pouch with you so you can carry them throughout the day. If your looking to get creative, you can go to one of your local craft stores, purchase a small vial to put the crystals in and make a necklace or bracelet!

Shhheba’s Hadraniel Love Spell

For those of you that are looking for that extra kick, calling on the angel Hadraniel in this ritual will do just that!
Who is Hadraniel?
Hadrianiel means “Majesty of God.” It is said that Hadraniel is the angel that appeared to both Moses and Adam, and he happens to be one of my favorite Angels. Hadraniel is the gatekeeper at the second gate in heaven and is the angel of love. Calling on Hadraniel and the romance angels is a powerful way to bring love into your life. Angels intercede in our lives for all different reasons, and certain angels will only intercede in severe times or near death experiences. For some of us, we can sense and interact with them on a more active level. In my experience, it is always a good practice to pray to your angels and ask them to intercede on your behalf.
Hadraniel and these romance angels will help guide you to the love that was meant for you; the love you deserve. The reason I keep the saying “the love you deserve” is because so often we accept what we believe is love when in reality it is not love at all. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been in a relationship or situation that I thought was love when really it was not adding value to my life and sometimes even draining me. In the following spell you will call on Hadraniel to help you find the love that was meant for you and will enhance your life. In fact, Hadraniel’s cause is to help our souls awaken to true agape, eternal, and unconditional love.
You will need the following:
1 Rose Quartz
1 Green Aventurine
1 Carnelian
1 Celestite
3 Rose Petals
1 Mason Jar with a lid
1 Piece of paper
1 Pink Taper Candle
1 Small plate
STEP ONE: Write on your piece of paper, “Love is in my life!” and tape it to the bottom of your mason jar.
STEP TWO: Fill the mason jar 3/4 of the way with water.
STEP THREE: Burn the bottom of your pink candle, and stick it to your plate. Once the candle is standing on its own and is in position, light your candle. Throughout this spell we are going to allow the candle to burn all the way to the bottom, and you will need the wax for later.
STEP FOUR: Read out loud the following words.
Love above me
Love below me
Love is in me
Place the 1 rose petal and the Rose Quartz in the jar
Love flows to me
Angels guide me
Hadraniel find me:
Place the Celestite in the jar
The love I seek
The love I deserve
A love that brightly burns
Place 1 rose petal and the Green Aventurine in the jar
A love that thrives
The love of all time
A true love that will never die
Place 1 rose petal and the Carnelian in the jar
STEP FIVE: Put the cap on your mason jar and sit the jar either outside or in a window where it will be under the moon. You will leave this out for three nights.
STEP SIX: Allow your pink candle to burn all the way down and then collect and save the wax.
STEP SEVEN: After your jar has sat out for three nights, take ONLY the crystals out of the jar. Take the remaining water, rose petals, the pink wax, and the paper taped under the jar and bury it under a tree or plant. Doing this is symbolizing growing the love that you are attracting.
Make sure to pray and keep in contact with your angels! Any time you feel like you need an extra boost, call on angel Hadraniel and his romance angels to help you along!
Love & Light,

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