Channel Your Inner Goddess: OSTARA

There is a goddess, a divine feminine, in each and every woman waiting to be awakened. Being in touch with our divinity as women can change how we interact with the universe. Most importantly, this awareness changes how we interact with ourselves. Having a healthy, loving relationship with yourself is crucial because it sets the standard for the love, respect, and treatment we accept from others. One of the ways I connect is through my Goddess cards. The deck I will be pulling from consists of Goddesses from all different cultures and religions with many different stories, definitions, and abilities. Each woman has a story, and just like all of us some have had their setbacks. However, does anyone remember these goddesses for their mistakes? Of course not! The stories and lore of these amazing women have paved the way for great wisdom and triumph. These Goddess cards have encouraging messages and insight into every goddess’s life. To the goddess reading this article, you are divine. Your setbacks and mistakes do not define you because you are destined for greatness! Enjoy the first of the Goddess Series!

Origin: Teutonic

Tonight, I drew Ostara. Ostara is the goddess of spring and fertility. Ostara (or Eostre) is actually where the mainstream celebration of Easter comes from.
Legend says that one year Ostara brough spring too late and found a bird, Lepus, that had been frozen. Lepus’s wings were too heavy, and he was no longer able to fly. Already feeling guilty for being late, Ostara turned him into a rabbit so he would be able to keep warm and made him very fast so he would be able to escape hunters. Since he was formerly a bird, Ostara also gave him the ability to lay eggs. Unfortunately, although they were companions, legend says that Ostara became so angry with Lepus she threw him into the sky where he would be among the stars as a constellation. If you every see Orion’s belt, Lepus is actually positioned under Orion’s feet. Later on (I’m guessing after Ostara finally cooled her temper) she allowed Lepus to come down from the skies to lay eggs but only once a year. That’s where the practice of hiding eggs on Easter comes from.
Drawing Ostara can mean many different things.
Quite literally, because Ostara is the goddess of fertility, this card can symbolize conception, the birth of a child, a healthy pregnancy, or the resolution of a custody agreement. If you are planning a pregnancy, trying to adopt, or struggling with issues surround your children, Ostara is here to say that your luck is about to turn around!
Fertility, however, does not just apply to what’s listed above. Ostara, the goddess of fertility, can also be here to let you know that this is an opportune time to make some great life changes! In previous articles, I have spoken about letting your spirit manifest and give birth to new ideas, career changes, and more beautiful things that you can bring into your life. Now is the time to give birth to new possibilities and resurrect desires. If you have a hobby, interest, or idea that you have long since put aside, Ostara is here to tell you that now is your time to bring all that you are holding in your heart into fruition. In fact, it is the perfect time to start a new project and change your surroundings. Do not be afraid to embark on this journey because you will most definitely be successful in your endeavors!
I’m currently making some life changes and really tapping into my creativity. This card signifies that the time is right! What does this card mean to you? Tag @shhhebaspeaks on Twitter or Instagram and let me know what your new journey is going to look like!
Love & Blessings,

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