Drink Up! – New Moon Elixirs with Shhheba

One of my beautiful sisters taught me how to enhance my New Moon intentions and manifestations by using elixirs. In fact, once I started making them they became my favorite way (2nd to Yoni Eggs) to bring my manifestations to life using the New Moon energy. Sisterhood is one of the main driving forces behind my writing. It’s one of a few aspects that inspired me to begin this blog in the first place. I have the extraordinary opportunity of being a part of an amazing sisterhood of witches, psychics and all different types of women from all different backgrounds and walks of life. I learn so much from these women on a daily basis (sometimes when I don’t even realize), and I have so much love for them.

The New Moon is about growth and new beginnings. Each New Moon and Lunar Cycle is different. For example, right now we are in an Aquarius New Moon which is all about revival, shedding the layers of what no longer serves us and bringing in new innovation and change into our lives. The New Moon in Aquarius also inspires us to look beyond the fog, the “smoke and mirrors” if you will. Start this New Moon with a clean slate and be ready to bring new growth into your life! You can manifest anything for any New Moon, but I’ve found it important to really observe the specific energy being expressed in the universe at this time even if you find yourself taking a different direction.

My elixir will sit in my window to absorb the New Moon energy as well as the full Lunar Cycle. When the Full Moon comes around on February 22nd my elixir will be ready. The most powerful elixirs I’ve had all sat out for a full Lunar cycle except for my Labradorite elixir. Labradorite is a crystal that is great for enhancing psychic abilities, and for someone looking to grow or enhance their psychic perception it is a great fit. I was actually told Labradorite would not be a very good idea for me since my gifts are already so strong. Did I listen? Nope! I felt like I was on a trip. No exaggeration there!

For this New Moon, I am manifesting a creative, love filled, financial renaissance for myself! The amazing thing about the journey I’ve been on is that I’ve learned there is nothing I cannot manifest for myself. Ever heard the saying, “God helps those who help themselves!”? I can sit around hoping and wishing or I can use my gifts and energy to change my life! I no longer sit around waiting for things to happen; I get up and I go!

Making Your Elixir

You will need the following items:
1 Piece of paper
1 Pen
1 Mason Jar (If you don’t have one, it’s okay. I prefer a Mason Jar, but you can use a glass as well!)
          *If you’re using a glass, you will need Saran wrap and 1 rubber band.
At least one (1) Crystal
1 Bottle of Water (or boil some water and then let cool)
Step One:
First, I write my intentions on a piece of paper. I cut the paper so it will fit under my glass but will still be able to wrap around the sides. The purpose of taping your intentions to the bottom of the glass is to infuse the energy of your intentions into it.
Example:  I am financially abundant!
                 I am loved!
                I am growing my business!
                My marriage is thriving!
Write your manifestations as if they are already happening. If I’m feeling weary I’ll actually wait to write them. The energy and confidence I have in what I am writing and what I want in my universe will ultimately effect my outcome which is the Law of Attraction. The Law of Attraction, in summary, is that when you speak or think positivity you will create positive experiences for your self. What you reap you will surely sow! I will draw symbols around my intentions that have meaning or power towards what I am trying to achieve such as Sigils. Sigils are symbols used in magic to bring certain energy to or away from you. In all things, Queens, trust your gut and do what feels right! When you have finished your intentions, tape them to the bottom of your jar or glass.
Step Two:
Next, I chose the crystals that correspond to what I am trying to achieve. For example, tonight I will be using Green Aventurine for prosperity and luck, Rose Quartz for love, Citrine for balance, and Carnelian for creativity and sexuality.
Green Aventurine and Rose Quartz both correspond to the Heart Chakra and Carnelian corresponds to the Sacral Chakra. In the middle of those two Chakras is my Solar Plexus. I like to group my crystals together to create a balance and keep in alignment. Citrine is not only great for emotional detox and balance, but it will balance out my elixir as well.
WARNING: Some crystals should not be used in elixirs. For example, Blue Lace Agate and Pyrite could be harmful to you in an elixir. Please research your crystals before putting them in your elixir. You can also email me at shhhebapeaks@gmail.com or reach out to me on Twitter if you have any questions. I’m always more than happy to help!
Step Three:
These crystals will be infusing your elixir with the energy of your intentions and the energy of the
new moon. I use bottled water for all my elixirs. Place your crystals in your jar or glass and fill it up! You can place mint or cinnamon in your elixir for a nice flavor. I’ll be using cinnamon this time. I’ve found that when I’m working below the Throat Chakra I use cinnamon, and when I’m working with my Third-Eye and Crown Chakras I use mint. That’s what feels right to me!
Step Four:
Finally, place the cap to your mason jar on your elixir or cover your glass with saran wrap and a rubber band. Once that is done, place your elixir in a window or outside where it will be under the New Moon.
Step Five:
Let her cook! The next Full Moon is February 22nd which is when your elixir will be ready!
I’ll be raising my glass on February 22nd and harvesting all that I have manifested. Will you? Drink up, Queens!
New Moon Blessings!


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