Psychic Protection With Cascarilla

The origins of Cascarilla can be traced back to West Africa in tribes where it was called “Efun” or “Efun Chalk.” all the way to the Carribbean, Voodoo and Hoodoo traditions. Cascarilla is made from egg shells and made into a fine powder. It is believed to be very potent and used to repel negative energies, unwanted spirits, and (my personal favorite use) demons!

I’ve been making Cascarilla for a number of years now and have used it in protection spells, clearing my home, and even protecting myself from psychic and supernatural attack. Cascarilla, in my experience, is very effective.

“But why eggshells? What makes them so powerful?”

Those were my thoughts exactly. I had been approached by my ancestors about eggs and eggshells multiple times before I found out what they were getting at! The main use of my gifts for most of my life has always been protection and repelling negative spirits and energies. You could say that this is the path for most of my family with these gifts. To be honest, I find it interesting that no one else (at least living at the time) was doing this before I had begun.

To answer the above question, eggs are a potent and powerful spell and protective ingredient because they symbolize life, rebirth, fertility, and essentially the center of all life. The egg can also represents the universe, the earth, a situation or relationship. I’ve come to observe the potency of the ingredient through experience. One of the easiest ways to think about is the simple way the shell of an egg is meant to protect the egg in its entirety.

Cascarilla and even the egg as a whole as an ingredient can be used in protection spells/rituals, love spells, fertility spells, prosperity spells, and the list goes on. I could probably find 100+ different spells and rituals to use Cascarilla and eggs because of exactly what it is. An egg, representing life and the universe. We are all life residing in the universe.

However, Cascarilla for protection is what we are going into today, and I’m going to outline some simple methods to protect your body, home and family using Cascarilla.

Household Protection

I keep my Cascarilla in a sugar bowl by my bed and sometimes down in my kitchen. Reason being it’s easily accessible for use and to carry. I will use the following practice when I’m feeling some disturbance or if I want to be proactive. There are times when my intuition kicks in and I’ll be out of bed putting my room on, what I like to call, lockdown.
First, I will sage the room (not always required) for good measure starting clockwise, saging all corners, windows, closets, doorways and finally the center. Do not blow on your sage or put it out; allow it to burn out by itself when it is ready.
Then, take the Cascarilla, start clockwise by placing a small amount in each corner of the room including any corners made by different room designs. For example, my bedroom happens to have a slanted ceiling with parts of the wall that jut outwards by my bed.
Once that is finished, I will put a line of Cascarilla by each window sill and the doorway. Cascarilla can be used like salt for warding of spirits or creating a boundary which is the main purpose of this practice. By doing this, I’m creating a safe space. I am a medium; I love my ancestors and have the utmost respect for them. However, like with any relationship, it is important to set boundaries. There are times, even with out negative disturbance, that I need to separate myself or create a filter. For extra measure, at times I will created a circle around my bed.
This practice can be used for all different rooms in your household. You can even create a boundary to your property or the house itself.

Personal Protection

The following exercise is great for when you’re on the go! If I’m being honest, sometimes this is best when I’m super sleepy and want a quick fix. Cascarilla’s consistency is almost like baby powder, and you can use it as chalk by putting some on your finger and drawing symbols, words or sigils.
What are sigils?
Sigils are symbols used in magic which can ward off or draw to you certain energy or entities. For example, Archangel Michael and Zadkiel both have sigils as do many other angels. In this case, we want to ward off any negativity. At certain times, I’ll use a cross or a symbol that feels right to me. A lot of times these symbols I intuitively draw. If there is one thing I have learned its to always trust my gut. Queens, if it feels right, do that.
I’l draw a symbol on myself or sage and then do the latter before bed or going out. One of the first lessons my mother taught me as a child was how to protect myself and to do so often. Did I always listen to the often part? No, of course not (me being a stubborn little girl). But of course, with all things, my mother was right! She taught me to envision myself being encased in impenetrable white light and then to envision another layer of pink. As a child, I always chose purple because that’s my favorite color. I didn’t really care for the color pink or listen to why it was necessary. The pink light symbolizes being wrapped in love. While you are protected it also important to surround yourself with love.
As I visualize the light around me I start to build up my energy and project it outwards around me like a bubble. I’ve had the amazing opportunity of having mentors around me who have taught me different ways to do that. My mother and I are energy workers, and when I was younger I never really had a good grasp on it whether it was focusing my energy or keeping it grounded. Crystals such as black tourmaline and black obsidian have helped me not only focus and ground my energy but offer psychic protection as well.
Once I am ready, I usually choose an area on my body around my root chakra or womb to draw my symbol. As I mentioned in my earlier article The 7 Chakras, the root chakra has to do with protection, security and grounding. I am protecting my whole being, but in an exercise for psychic protection that is where I visualize my energy coming from. Putting the symbol around your womb area is also a great idea because, as a woman, all my manifestations and creations (energy included) that I birth into this world are coming from that space. Energy and protection coming from your womb is powerful!
You can also put your symbol on a specific part of your body or chakra that is being effected or that you want to protect. For example, if you feel this negative energy is affecting your heart a good place to put your symbol would be around your heart chakra.
As you are drawing your symbol you can repeat affirmations or something you have written. It is always a wise idea to invoke Archangel Michael, one of my favorite and closest angels, while doing this.
For example: “I am light. I am loved. I am protected” Repeat 3 or 7x – Ashe!
                      “I am powerful. I am strong. I am protected” Repeat 3 or 7x – Ashe!
                      “Archangel Michael, be at my side. I am a warrior. In battle be my guide!”
Don’t worry if the Cascarilla does not have a thick chalk effect; not all do. The mark will most likely be light and ware off under clothing, but the energy, placement and intent is what’s important! When you are ready to move on with your day or go to sleep, go forward knowing that you are protected and ready for whatever comes your way!

Clearing Your Body – Bathing Ritual

When I have some time one of my favorite ways to clear my energy and protect myself with Cascarilla is a bath ritual. I choose some nice music to listen to, light some candles and incense, and sage my bathroom.
I run the bath water and add some Cascarilla as it is filling. You don’t need very much. I mix tetry oil or a tetry oil scented bath soap, eucalyptus oil, a pinch of salt, Cascarilla, and some holy water in a small bowl. I add the mixture to the water in three parts as it’s filling. Finally, I get in and relax! Before getting out, over the course of time, I’ll submerse myself three times in the water. Each time, I envision my self becoming lighter and all the energy and negativity that may have attached to me being washed away.
If you use Yoni Eggs, I’ve used this as a ritual before using one of them. In my experience, it has been a great way to prepare myself for entering a new phase in my life or when I am preparing to make some manifestations.
Shhheba’s Cascarilla will be available for purchase in the coming weeks along with our new collection of Yoni Eggs! Be sure to keep your eyes out, Queens!

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