Destination Crystals: My Trip to Bodhi Tree

Adventure Time!

Today, I took a trip to one of my favorite metaphysical shops: The Bodhi Tree in Sugar Loaf, NY.  Today, I’m going to share a little bit about my “Adventure Days” like today and crystals that I am currently using in my own life which you can use as well.


A couple of years ago I set out one day not knowing where I was headed but knowing I was looking for some sort of adventure. To be honest, all my plans were cancelled that day and I was pretty bummed.  So what did I do? I got in my car, drove all over upstate New York, and in my travels found this quaint little town called Sugar Loaf. I stopped by Luft Gardens, which sells the most amazing homemade jam and knick knacks, by the herb and plant shop, some interesting leather store, and finally at Bodhi Tree. I was immediately in love with this store. Admittedly any store that has a large amount of crystals, left to my own devices I’m contemplating how I can clean out the whole place!

There started the beginning of all future adventure days to come. In fact, to this day, I still call my trips to Bodhi Tree “adventures.” Reason being, I always happen to find myself on a journey when I go. No exaggeration. I drive through Sloatsburg, Hillburn, Tuxedo, Greenwood Lake, Warwick, and then finally I arrive in Sugar Loaf. I drive the whole way in my own little world singing and dancing in my seat anywhere from songs like Gypsy by Fleetwood Mac to Sexual Healing by Marvin Gaye and even the instrumental tracks by Trevor Morris (amazing composer by the way). I always try and stop somewhere I’ve never been, walk around, take pictures, and make sure I’m taking it all in. It seems my adventure days serve a different purpose for every season of my life.

However, the journey I’m really speaking of is the one I embark upon when I buy my crystals. I go in every single time with some sort of list or idea of what I want, but it seems that my spirit always has some sort of attraction to other stones. I never walk out with what I intended to buy. In fact, it seems my spirit guides nudge me to certain stones, and if I’m being honest, they clearly know what’s better for me.

Today, I was looking to buy some more Opalite, Amethyst (which I have more than enough of… me and my Amethyst fixation!), and possibly some citrine. The last time I went to Bodhi I picked up citrine which is great for the Solar Plexus Chakra and emotional detox and balance. Did I buy any of those? Nope! Here’s the loot:

  • An Orange Calcite sphere
  • An Astrophyllite obelisk
  • An Onyx egg
All of these crystals are perfect where I am at in my life, and I’m happy that I let my spirit guide me instead of my present mind. So let’s look into what these crystals not only can do for my lifestyle but what they can do for you!

Orange Calcite Sphere

Emotional/Mental: Aids in healing, depression, restores mental and emotional balance, helps relieve emotional fears, and gently boosts psychic abilities.
Physical: Corresponding with Sacral Chakra, Orange Calcite helps balance sexual energies and is helpful for the reproductive system, kidneys, genitals, intestines, and irritable bowel syndrome.
Chakra: Sacral
While I was walking around the store I couldn’t deny how attracted I was to this stone. It seemed that every one that caught my eye and spirit was, “Hmmm.. what’s that? Oh, Orange Calcite again…” They had some great raw pieces, but I chose a sphere. Crystal spheres, unlike other shapes such as a wand or pyramid, emit energy in all directions equally. The crystal sphere is also an ancient symbol of unity or the union of the complete self. Orange Calcite is a great pick for me while I am currently focusing on healing myself and keeping emotional balance.
In 2016, one of my main focuses is to maintain and nurture healthy relationships. Ever heard the term “It takes two to tango!”? Well, if I plan to continue to grow these healthy relationships, I also need to keep myself emotionally balanced and healthy. I definitely plan on meditating with this stone, and I may see how I feel if I keep it by my bed at night. I’ve noticed when I place crystals either under my pillow or on my nightstand how they affect my sleep and overall mood.

Astrophyllite Obelisk


Emotional/Mental: Aids in releasing old patterns, reaching your full potential, self love, astral travel, decision making, acceptance, honesty in relationships and transformation.
Physical: Astrophyllite is helpful with reproductive system, ADD, ADHD, anxiety, seizures, and cellular regeneration.
Chakra: All.
In all honesty, before today I had never worked with or even heard of Astrophyllite, and it isn’t all that similar to any crystal I favor aesthetically. However, the energy emitted from this stone is strong, and I felt it the entire time I was in the store. I definitely felt a strong pull towards it hence why I bought it!
Obelisks are a wonderful shape for a crystal if you want to direct the energy in a specific way or make a healing grid. The energy is directed through the apex of the pyramind. Obelisks were a prominent shape for architecture in Ancient Egypt (Kemet); they were mainly placed at the entrances to temples.
I’m excited to begin working the Astrophyllite. I’ve thought about placing it on my desk at work or taking it with me so I can direct the energy I need in any setting. For work specifically it may be beneficial for focus. As far as in my personal life, another one of my main focuses in 2016 is letting go of what no longer serves me and aligning with my true self. Astrophyllite also helps with astral travel. In my first introduction entry I Am Her, I mentioned that I am a traveler. I’ve been astral traveling since I was a child all over the damn place! It is a journey in itself just to learn new techniques to keep my self either grounded or fine tune my astral travels. I have used stones such as scolecite to help with travel but found it uncomfortable almost. I was having trouble controlling the amount of time I traveled, re-entry, and I wasn’t sleeping well. A cocktail of different crystals may have helped at that time, but for the most part I like to keep myself grounded and in my body when I can! I’m interested to see how Astrophyllite can aid in my unearthly travels. It looks like this stone has me covered! Oh, and it works in all Chakras? Excellence.

Onyx Egg

Emotional/Mental: Aids in releasing negative emotions, good fortune, relaxation, self confidence, and wise decision making as well as encouraging happiness!
Physical: Helpful with bone disorders, beneficial for teeth and feet, and stamina.
Chakra: Root & Heart
I originally was going for the Onyx pyramid, but I wasn’t really feeling it. The egg is what initially caught my eye. This specimen will be used for meditation and an altar piece unlike my other crystal eggs which are “Yoni Eggs.” Stay tuned this week for more about Yoni Eggs (Ladies, stay tuned). Before I delve into the reasons behind the egg shaped crystal, I love the shape personally because the egg symbolizes life, fertility and rebirth. For me this shape for any crystal gives me a sense of renewal and taps me into my divine feminine. The crystal egg shape symbolizes new beginnings. Onyx being a crystal that helps release negative emotions and increases good fortune is perfect in egg form!
In all, these crystals seem to be a wonderful addition to my life, my 2016, as well as a close to January as we move into February and farther away from that damn mercury retrograde! After the shadow lifted, I truly felt balance being restored, and as I move forward into this month I am manifesting growth, new beginnings and healing!
On my way back, my little one (see the green orb!) decided to hang out! My ancestors were chatty today but with lots of love and support. I have been driving my ancestors and my spirit guides crazy for the past couple months so it was nice to be in harmony with all of them; listening, learning and growing from their wisdom. After my crystal shopping I had a lovely evening with one of my best friends and favorite witch, Kimy. What a beautiful soul she is! Today, I am blessed to have my adventures and healthy, loving, uplifting relationships.
Count your blessings not your troubles!


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