Affirmations and The Law of Attraction

Affirmations, when positive, are a healthy and excellent tool that can be used at any interval whether hourly, daily, weekly, etc. In fact, we make affirmations about ourselves and others all the time. You may say some of the following to yourself:
“I am doing great today!”
“Today is a great day!”
“I am beautiful!”
“I am smart!”
“I am growing my business!”

Generally, we think of positive things to say to ourselves when affirmations are brought up. However, do you realize the other affirmations that you may tell yourself?
“I am ugly”
“I am so overweight. I’ll never be able to put this weight off!”
“This is going to be the worst day ever!”
“My relationship is awful.”
“I am unlovable.”

I bet you never thought of those as affirmations before. Before we get into affirmations and how you can use them as a healthy and life changing tool, let’s talk about The Law of Attraction.

What is The Law of Attraction?

The Law of Attraction is this: Thinking positive or negative thoughts will bring you positive or negative experiences into your life.

With that being said, our words have power and so do our actions. It is one thing to have thoughts, which are just as powerful and can lower or boost your mood and self esteem, but when we speak words out into the universe we ultimately have what we ask for brought back to us.

In somewhat simpler terms, think about when you hear Karma. “What comes around goes around!” or “Just Desserts” as I have heard my mother say. Karma is The Law of Attraction. For example, a close family member of mine was put through hell at her last job. She used to get so upset and talk about the awful things that had happened. Years later, the person that had done this to her was in the same position. This person put out negativity into the universe and acted negatively therefore receiving what they had put out into the universe.

Ultimately, when you put out negative energy into the universe, you will receive negativity. The good news is that when you put out positive energy into the universe you will receive positivity. I believe that part of this is because this perception of all of us being separate is an illusion. We are all one in the universe. If you read my last post on The 7 Chakras, I wrote that we are all souls just having a human experience. Essentially, because we are all one, what you do to others you do to yourself. I have to remind myself of this with the following:

“I am my sister and my sister is me”

I heard this saying on a spiritual retreat in Atlanta, GA, which I can’t wait to share with you later! When I am angry with someone, especially one of my fellow sisters, I have to remind myself that we are all here trying to live and learn, all wanting love, acceptance, and joy. I am by no means perfect, and I try to practice this philosophy every day.

One of the ways I do my affirmations is in front of a mirror. I used to have a hard time looking at myself in the mirror because of some difficult situations I had gone through. Today, I look myself in the mirror and tell myself:
“I am beautiful!”
“I am light!”
“I am love!”
“I am powerful”
“I am creative!”

Sometimes, I will improvise and add different affirmations depending on what I’m experiencing. Your affirmations can be whatever you want to be, just make them positive! Love yourself enough to want to bring yourself goodness, joy, and love. There was a time I felt I was undeserving of love, and affirmations helped me so much with turning that around!

Another way to do affirmations is in a quiet or meditative setting. I like to put on some instrumental music, light some candles, incense, and I lay down in my bed. The most important thing is that you are comfortable. Other times, I sit on my floor with my two cats! Whatever makes you feel happy and comfortable, do that. There is no wrong way to have your set up; it is entirely up to you!

Take a few deep breaths and keep your breathing steady. Let your surroundings fade away and concentrate only on this moment. When you are ready, whether you have written them down or have memorized them, put your hands on your heart and speak your affirmations. You can spend as long as you want after or before that in silence relaxing. This exercise is an act of Self Love. You are speaking light and energy for yourself into the universe while giving yourself a break from the daily stresses of life.

At the end of this week, I will be coming out with a guided Affirmation Meditation for those of you that are interested or may be having trouble creating your own affirmations. Until then, below is one of my favorite relaxation tracks. When I was in beauty school for cosmetology, we had to study esthetics for our state boards. While doing facials this is the track that I chose. To this day, when I meditate or want to relax, this is my immediate go-to song.




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