The 7 Chakras – Clearing and Meditation


If you’re reading this, you may or may not be asking, “What are Chakras, and why am I clearing them?” In my opinion, everyone should start getting to know their Chakras as well as how to clear and activate them. It completely transforms the way you go through life and interact with the universe. I’ve included a meditation at the end of this post which has helped me immensely!

What are Chakras?
We all have Chakras, and they are the 7 spiritual energy centers of the body.

Your 7th Chakra is your Crown Chakra which is located at the top of your head. Your Crown Chakra is the color violet and has to do with your spiritual nature and how you connect with the universe. Your life force and divinity flow down from the Crown Chakra to the lower 6 Chakras. This is where your intuition and spiritual awakening come from.

Your 6th Chakra is your Third Eye Chakra which is bluish-purple in color and is located right in between your eyes. Most people today have heard the term Third-Eye used at one point or another and may think of psychics or mediums like myself when its brought up.  Your Third-Eye has to do with your intuition as well as wisdom, foresight, openness and imagination. In fact, the Sanskrit name for this Chakra is “Ajna” which means perceiving. Each and everyone of us has a Third-Eye, some are just more active than others. If you aren’t a natural born psychic or if you’d like to enhance your Third-Eye there are different exercises that can help you (coming soon!).

Your 5th Chakra is your Throat Chakra which is located in the middle of your throat and is sky blue. The Throat Chakra has to do with how we express ourselves (speaking your mind), honesty/dishonesty, truth, action and willfulness.

Your 4th Chakra is your Heart Chakra which is located in the center of your chest, is the color green and is also associated with the color pink. Your Heart Chakra is the love center of this system and has to do with love, forgiveness, release, trust, and compassion. However, this doesn’t just have to do with romantic love. Unconditional or Agape love and love of the self also corresponds to this Chakra. Love Thyself!

Your 3rd Chakra is your Solar Plexus Chakra which is located right around the navel and is the color yellow. Your Solar Plexus Chakra has to do with emotional balance, personal power, self esteem, self confidence, willpower, and discipline.

Your 2nd Chakra is your Sacral Chakra which is located in your lower abdomen and is the color orange. Your Sacral Chakra has to do with creation, sexuality, pleasure, intimacy, fertility, and connection.

Your 1st Chakra is your Root Chakra which is located at the base of the spine and is the color red. Your Root Chakra has to do with grounding, security and is the most instinctual of all the Chakras. The Root Chakra is your fight or flight instinct; your primal, animal nature.

Chakra in Sanskrit actually means “Wheel.” This being because each one of your Chakras looks like a spinning wheel. Certain activities or events can created blockages in the Chakras which can cause emotional and physical effects. For example, having a blockage in the Heart Chakra might come from a break up, emotional trauma, abuse, or even fear. If the Heart Chakra becomes blocked you may experience trust issues, possessiveness, depression, anxiety and even serious health problems such as uclers. Another example would be if you had a blockage in your Sacral Chakra which could be due to rejection, coldness, neglect, anger, emotional manipulation, etc. can cause not only anxiety, depression, mood swings, lack of sexual interest but can also cause more serious physical symptoms such as anemia, constipation, infertility, urinary problems, and back pain.

One of the things I truly believe in is that we manifest our destinies, that thoughts and intentions truly have power. I have seen it first hand. One of the Chakras I have struggled with the most has been my Heart Chakra. I used to struggle with anxiety and depression. There is a reason at the end of the Heart Chakra section I wrote “Love Thyself.” Most of my Heart Chakra imbalances had to do with difficulty loving myself which is something that I know many of my sisters struggle with in this day and age.

With that being said, my words and thoughts about myself have power. On one hand I could say, “I’m not pretty enough” or “I won’t ever achieve my dreams, I’m not good enough.” However, today I flip that around and say, “I am beautiful.” and “I have already achieved my dreams. I am more than enough! I am divine!” Because the truth is, we are all divine, spiritual beings having a human experience. To the sister or brother that is reading this, you are divine, purposefully and wonderfully made! If you change your thinking you can change your life!

Recently, a friend of mine suggested I do a Chakra Clearing to get rid of some blockages/imbalances I was going through. I happened to stumble upon this great meditation which helped clear, purify and activate my Chakras. Let me tell you, I opened my eyes and felt brand new. I did not realize how I was not only hurting myself, but I was projecting some pretty funky energy to those around me. I normally have trouble connecting with certain meditations or sometimes find it hard to pick one that I really enjoy. However, this meditation is one that I will make part of a weekly routine for myself, and I highly recommend it. In future posts, I will be going more in depth to each Chakra, and exercises to help enhance and protect them.




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